Friends of Glo

We’re looking for 100 Friends who will support God’s mission here in Offerton by committing to give £10* a month to Glo Church over the coming years.

*Or whatever you can afford

Who will it benefit?
Our primary focus as a church has always been to share the Good News with those who don’t already know Jesus.  We are committed to the estate communities of Offerton, to reaching the next generation and to serving those who are poor, marginalised and forgotten.  Isaiah 61.1-4 encapsulates our vision for mission and all our resources are spent with this in mind.

Why are you asking now?
Glo Church is entering a new phase of its life where we are taking on more and more responsibility for our own finances (sounds paradoxical right!?).  This is hugely challenging as we serve primarily amongst children and young people and those who are unemployed.  We believe that sustainability in the Kingdom of God isn’t about self sufficiency but gospel partnership.

Hear a few stories from people in Offerton

How does it work?
We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible.  The big green button takes you to a form where you can fill out your personal details.
When you click Send you will get an email with a link to our Virgin Money Giving page (check your junk emails if you don’t see it straight away). Here you can select how much you would like to give per month, and voilà, you are a Friend of Glo.

What happens then?
As a Friend of Glo we want to keep you informed of what God is doing here at Glo Church with occasional emails and a card at Christmas and special occasions.

I want to know much more detail.
We understand.  Here’s a deeper explanation