Our Values – BEATS

BEATS 2016 A4

As we are learning to follow Jesus together we try to live our lives according to the rhythm of BEATS.  Sounds strange? Let us explain.

BEATS represent the things that are important to us and identify us being part of Glo.  They are the ways in which we work with God to bring His hope and love to the world. We can do this stuff day in, day out – alone or with others – at home, work or school – in the park, down the pub, on the bus or out shopping.

BEATS aren’t a list of rules but a lifestyle of choice for those of us who are passionate about following Jesus.

Bless others Generously
God has been so good to us and has blessed us beyond imagination, and so we seek to live generous lives where we help/serve/bless others practically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Eat and drink together
Jesus spent lots of his time sharing food and drink with friends and strangers alike.  Having “table time” by sharing a meal, a coffee, a cake or a beer with someone is not only enjoyable, but is deeply spiritual!  Food is important to us.

Abide with God at all times
The purpose of life is to spend it with God.  When we truly believe that God is here with us, each moment of each day is shared with Him. What a JOY!  Knowing that his spirit is with us transforms our conversations, actions, thoughts and intentions.

Talk about Jesus
Jesus is the centre of our hope, the example we follow and the reason we exist.  Because we are so passionate about him, it overspills into our everyday conversations! There is power in the name of Jesus and so we chat about him whenever we can.

Support & Challenge each other in faith
The Christian faith is full of hope and joy, but is still really tough at times.  Jesus warned us that a life following him would not be easy(!)  So we look to support each other through highs and lows and challenge each other to keep running the race.

The best way to live out the BEATS is to do it with others in a Small Group