Glo Central

Glo Central was our shop-front along Mallowdale Road in Offerton, run by the Glo Trust

Glo Central has now closed, due to the forthcoming demolition of the building. Having been open for over 5 years, Glo Central has been used by many people in that time. Looking to the future we will be based more and more in the Community Centre.



The Glo Trust

The Glo Trust is the charity which runs Glo Central and supports other groups and projects run by Glo.

Glo Trust is grateful for the grants given by the Joseph Rank Trust and the Anchor Foundation which allow this work to continue.

The Glo Trust won a Gold award at the Christian Funders Forum Awards in November 2015.

Glo Trust partners with many agencies including Stockport Council, Stockport Homes, Childrens Centre, Beacon Counselling, FLAG, Stockport Foodbank, along with other local churches.