The Details

Glo’s Vision

Glo Church was planted in 2010 with a dream to bring Faith, Hope and Love to Offerton – a largely deprived estate community in Stockport.  Since day one we have had the vision for the practical, economic, relational and spiritual renewal of these two estates. We long to see Jesus changing lives by the power of his Holy Spirit and see people being set free to live for him (Isaiah 61.1-4)

What does this look like? In visionary terms this looks like the Kingdom of Heaven being seen here or earth – good news, repentance, faith, healing, freedom and salvation! In practical terms we believe this looks like a long term, sustainable, indigenous church here in the heart of Offerton.

Long Term– Often on estates the help comes and goes.  Finances are injected for a time.  Agencies run short term projects.  We have a heart to be a faithful, resilient, patient, enduring, loving presence in this community.

Sustainable– Vision, enthusiasm and the gifts of the Spirit go a long, long way in mission – but in order to grow to maturity, Glo must increasingly become structurally and financially sustainable.

Indigenous– Glo stands for God Loves Offerton.  We exist because our passion is for the community of Offerton to grow in the knowledge of Jesus’ love.  We place a high priority on ministering alongside those who live on Offerton Estate, seeking to raise up disciples and leaders in a community where the Gospel has been largely unknown (Though Jesus has been here much longer than we).

The Structural and Financial details

Financially, Glo has done well.  We fund the vast majority of our ministry from the sacrificial giving of the Glo church family – supplemented by some grant funding and ‘seed money’. That being said, we are primarily called to reach out to children, teenagers and those who are unemployed.

Thus far Glo had been led by Curates within the Church of England structure.  Initially Gareth Robinson and presently Phil Harris.  In Chester Diocese curacies are three years long and the cost of a curate is covered separately by the Church of England. This has been an incredible gift to Glo Church as we have been able to have a full time church leader for expense. Whilst this has been absolutely amazing it does not represent a long term, or sustainable solution.  For Glo to establish a long term, sustainable, indigenous church, we feel that it is right to take on the cost of our own church leader.

This is a significant step towards sustainability and maturity, but a huge financial step for a young church serving in an Urban Priority Area. Meaning that funding for our kids, youth and community work will be stretched incredibly thin.

This is why we are looking for 100 friends who are in the position to be able to give £10 a month over the coming years to provide £12,000 a year to the mission in this estate community.

Rest assured, All Saints Church Marple are making a significant financial commitment to this development and the Glo Church family are exploring how they might be even more sacrificial in their own giving to what God is doing here.

Looking ahead

We are really excited about what God is doing in Offerton, particularly amongst children and youth. Our vision is to see a whole generation growing up on the estate as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are now praying and watching and waiting for the right time to plant a new worshiping community into Bosden Farm, the second of our two estates.  Watch this space!

Okay so get to the point, what are you asking for?!

We would love it if you would become a Friend of Glo.

As a Friend of Glo you give £10 a month (or whatever you can afford) to support God’s mission here in Offerton.  The duration is up to you, but we hope that many will commit to giving for 5 years and perhaps even long-term.

If you have more questions then please get in contact